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Welcome to Star Nation & Ephyra

Control Your Destiny

Friendships make “all” the difference in Eve Online

We have a great place for you!

Star Nation

Our most important rule in corp is..
Real life comes 1st

Joined Star Nation as a new player earlier this year, lost in new Eden. S-NAT has allowed me to explore the life of null, vastly different and a more intense lifestyle in new Eden. S-NAT is a very friendly corporation, you’ll meet lot’s of people to talk to everyday! What are you waiting for? Come join us 🙂
Gaius Daeity

I have been in SNAT for my entire EVE career and have never regretted it for a minute, you will never find a better group of people to fly with.
-Malcom R Kirk

Star Nation has been my home for a long time. Legit probably the best group of people I’ve had the pleasure of flying with.
-Jinny Orumbovii

I returned to EVE more than a year ago. I joined up in Ephyra and immediately went about bombarding people with questions. I learned all the things I hadn’t known, but needed to, when I first tried the game so long ago. Once I got my feet under me I move into SNAT in null, right in the middle of the big war. It was trial by fire, but I had the support of the corp behind me, and I’ve grown to love Nullsec. The corp buybacks are a particularly convenient way to make isk, all while helping the corp grow. I do not regret for a second joining, I’m glad I found this home in space!
-Edric Zaphieus

It’s your game, you choose how you want to play it.

Life with Us…

You will get very few demands from corp just make some great mates and enjoy your game time. We encourage our members to pursue any activities they wish apart from piracy.

Star Nation is our null sec corp.. Ephyra is our high sec corp. (non wardecable).
To our players… we are all in one corp.

We use the same corp chat channel, coms and discord server to chat.

What is Offered

  • Friendship, mentoring and fun
  • PVE and PVP opportunities
  • Access to fleets (mining boosts, pvp, rating, …)
  • Free or almost free reprocessing and industry services in our stations
  • Ice, Ore, mineral, PI and loot corp buy back program (No need to haul and trade.  Just sell to corp)
  • Use of many corp industry services including corp owned BPOS and BPCs
  • Moons to Mine
  • Access to many free to use ships and items
  • We will guide and help you learn your trade.

What is Expect

  • Willingness to help other members achieve their goals
  • Participate in corporation activities
  • Be moderately active as a member
  • Mature, social and drama free
  • Connect to Discord coms & chat (Both corps)
  • willing to complete ESI security checks
  • Willing to train into doctrine ships (mainly Star Nation)
  • As with all Null sec space, Ours has to be defended for us to enjoy the perks it does offer so members of star nation are expected to take part in alliance activities if needed